Wednesday, February 8, 2012

how to make heart flakes

To say I enjoy valentines day is a bit of an understatement.  If I had to use a comparison I would say Valentines day for me is like Christmas for buddy the elf. Well maybe I'm not that intense but Valentines day is easily one of my favorite holidays!  Valentines day is why I'm writing this post.  My beautiful bestie Alicia has been begging me write up intructions for heart flakes.  Since we both love blogs I figured this would be a great pre valentines surprise for her.  (she's going to be really surprised that I didn't forget to do this)

This is a super cute and super easy valentine to make.  All you need is a piece of paper and some scissors. 
step 1
Take a piece of paper and fold it into a triangle.

step 2
Cut off the extra piece of paper so you are left with just the triangle.

step 3
Fold your triangle in half again to make a smaller triangle

step 4
Take your triangle and fold it into thirds.

step 5
Cut a rounded edge at the top of your triangle. I use my bigger scissors for this because it helps me make a nice round edge.

step 6
This is the fun part! Start cutting half hearts on the edges of your triangle. I usually start with a big one in the middle.

Its easier to cut out smaller hearts with a smaller pair of scissors.

The more hearts you cut out the better your heart flake is going to look.  Basically It should look like a piece of swiss cheese by the time your done with it :)

step 7
All that is left to do is unfold and you are done.  Now you are ready to share this with someone you love.